Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Ask me how I get through the day...

... and I'll tell you that for now it involves a lot of coffee, Red Bull, sugar, or any other energy-inducing substance I can get my hands on.

Today's menu:
One giant Red Bull, two cups of coffee, one chicken wrap from Sonic, one Cliff Bar, one Mountain Dew, one Milky Way bar, and one cranberry-raspberry martini.

Reread the above menu. Note the excess of sugar, caffeine, and a serious lack of anything decent. That's how you know you're back in college.

When I graduated three days after my birthday in December, 2004, I had an attitude along the lines of, "My Alma mater can kiss my a**! I'm never going back to school. Not for a master's degree. Not for anything."

Sometimes, when I remember thinking that, I kinda smirk and chuckle. Then there are those days when I groan in despair and can't help but wonder what on earth I was thinking when I enrolled back at UTA in January 2008.

It's hard -- telling my peers I'm back. I ran into a girl the other day that I haven't seen in four years and her comment was very matter-of-fact, "I didn't think you'd still be here. You were going to rock it out with the journalism thing."

(What are you still doing here? Hello?!)

I'm not still here. I'm back. For better or worse. If I'm going to jump career tracks, better now than later, right? Right.

That doesn't make it easier.

For now, I'd be incredibly grateful if the damned mid-terms could be over with already. Until then, I'll stick to my co-ed diet of Red Bull, candy bars, and chicken wraps.

The only thing that's missing this time around are the bi-weekly hangovers and all-nighters. Oh, and the last-second cramming that is a result of too much time at the bar and not enough time cracking the books. In so many ways, the last five years of your twenties DO make all the difference.

Oh, and forget about running and writing this week. I'll play catch-up next week -- that sacred co-ed week -- SPRING BREAK.


  1. Awesome. Man, I do kindof miss eating just whatever I could afford. Did you ever pick up change on your way to class and use whatever you picked up to pay for your lunch when you got to campus? That was an oddly common occurrence for me.

  2. Absolutely.
    I remember one day when I was literally down to my last dollar (ah, working for The Shorthorn), and I checked all the vending machines in the Fine Arts Building to see if people forgot to get their change. I found about two bucks worth of dimes and nickles so I walked to Taco Bell and bought a couple of burritos.

  3. Oh man, my heart would explode with all that caffeine. I get too excited after drinking one cup of coffee... and if I drink too much, I become jittery and crash for a 12-15 hour death nap. How do you do it???????????