Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Con

It's been a long few days -- reading facebook status updates, being jealous, trying to tame the envy, reading more updates, becoming more jealous, trying to keep a lid on the envy and failing...


I miss the Con (The Golden Crown Literary Society Convention), a four-day long event filled with exciting workshops for writers/readers/editors, award ceremonies, games, a dance party, and tons of impromptu merriment and debauchery. Put a ton of fun-loving ladies in a room and watch the fun begin.

For me, being there as a writer is only a small part of the event. Going is more about being with friends and peers. I love the workshops, but I love the meet-and-greets more. I love the awards, but I love the dance even more. In short, I really, really, really miss my GCLS Con buddies.

I keep thinking that I should be there. Why aren't I there? Why am I sitting in my room instead of having drinks poolside (even at 1 a.m.)?

Life forces you to make hard choices sometimes. And the choices I had to make this summer were good -- but very hard. I decided to be a teacher. That takes lots of training and commitment and can't be blown off. I've sacrificed a lot of time with friends and family around here. But it really just hit me today how much I gave up.

In the long run, I hope my choices will allow me to never miss another GCLS Con. I'll have summers off. I won't be horrendously broke. I'll be prepared.

So have fun, ladies. I'll see you next year. Please post pictures.

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