Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Time for a new blog...

MySpace is so dirty.

I swear, it's nothing short of a hook-up forum.

I haven't visited my MySpace site in forever and had to delete nearly 80 percent of the "friends" listed there because they were... well... being inappropriate. I discovered that after weeding out all the people who asked for a friend request simply because the word "lesbian" is listed on my site there were only twenty or so people left.

Enough of that. I'll be deleting it within the next week or so.

I'll chat about writing here every once in a while. I might rant about my characters trying to take over the story. I may post pictures from future conventions or book sighnings. Sometimes, like today, I'll add a little something simply because I'm excited.

2009 is going to be a good year. One of my short stories was published in Ultimate Lesbian Erotica Stories 2009 by Alyson Books. It's on the shelves in Borders Bookstores and Barnes & Noble. That's a pretty big deal.

And, like a dork, I took a picture of the anthology on the shelf. ;)

Thanks for reading my stuff!


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